Rakai Parata-Gardiner

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I believe language is the key in unlocking the culture of a country. Because of this I hope to add Portuguese, Spanish and Italian, the three most commonly spoken languages in Brazil, to my 'collection' of languages. I plan to be a 'sponge' and absorb all that Brazil and its people have to offer; the language, the history and the culture.  In my ambassadorial capacity, I hope to forge a strong bond between my New Zealand and Brazilian Rotary Clubs and attempt to embody our vision statement; 'Building Communities, Bridging Continents'. I am thankful for this experience and relish the challenge of being totally thrown out of my comfort zone. I plan on rising to every challenge, seizing every opportunity, improving my public speaking and growing as a person. I am beyond excited to form a host of new relationships in Brazil, with family, friends, my club and also, the country itself. I look forward to the day where I can call Brazil home!"